You’ve burned me now one too many times
My thoughts are the cold kind, 
I’ve got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes


they killed cam and now they’re ruining zig’s character

just shoot me in the head epitome put me out of my fucking misery jfc

Well goodnight


That rat was pretty much a symbol of Clew. Disgusting and a pest. 


Lol personally I ship Eclare over Clew but y’all saying shit like “you must be new if you like Clew” or “I don’t get how someone could like them unless they weren’t a true fan” is just plain rude… Just because you don’t like a relationship doesn’t mean that they’re wrong in appreciating it. Wankers…

Bad girls club comes on tuesday now why


Or y’know just make something that even remotely resembles a decision, whatevs

This would be a good time to sing that song from BTR “you dumped me for her” by that lucy girl

Im going to binge watch s10 and 11 tomorrow when eclare was happy and when they made me happy forget all this BS 😂😂😂😴


see clare this is why you keep your virginity after prom